Purpose and core values


Our Purpose

An Unwavering Commitment.



Our Core Values



It is a prerequisite to be associated and part of us here at TA. We place the utmost importance in the integrity of every individual that we employ or deal with. At TA we strive to practice integrity in all our actions, decisions, practices, policies and procedures. This relates to both internally within the organization as well as externally to all parties that we deal and associated with.


Focused on people

We believe in focusing and investing in our people, to have a strong, cohesive, loyal and competent workforce and together we will propel the organization forward and build the name of our company as a great employer and continue to attract the best talent in the market.


Committed to Excellence

We at the TA group define excellence as the never-ending, uncompromising pursuit of doing things better. We believe that excellence is not a standard or level of competency; excellence is the desire of wanting to get better, to grow, to expand, to achieve and to progress. It is the uncompromising commitment to move forward and get better in everything that we do.


Encourages innovation

It is our culture to constantly encourage a progressive work environment where new ideas, inputs, opinions and suggestions are highly cherished and favored.


Dedicated to social responsibility

At the TA group, we are dedicated to Social Responsibility not merely for compliance or marketing purposes. Indeed, we have a heart for social responsibility and believe that we can make an impact to not only the community but globally as the world is becoming seamless and our organization has a vision to become a diversified global conglomerate that will have a presence in every region and impact these regions accordingly